Conveyor Belt Scanning by Syperion

Conveyor Belt Scanning

Our conveyor belt scanning system uses laser scanners to measure the bulk volumes on continuous conveyors and conveyor belts. It enables an accurate measurement of the conveyor capacity even under difficult conditions such as fog, dust, rain, very dark material or on particularly fast moving conveyor belts.
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We also develop individual solutions, which can be easily adapted to your particular requirements.

Monitoring Sytem von Syperion

Landslide Warning System

Monitoring the slopes in landslide endangered areas and detecting fractures or soil movement helps to minimize the impact of dangerous landslides or even avalanches. Our new and robust measurement system uses a long distance laser scanner and is able to detect fractures in real time.
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Our products and methods are used in the following fields:

  • Industry
  • Process automation
  • Open pit mining & underground mining
  • Traffic
  • Recycling
  • Maritime economy
  • Science & research